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May 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

To celebrate my undergraduate graduation from Arizona State University, instead of a party- I decided to go to HAWAIIIIIIIIII!!!! This was like the best decision ever- who wants a party when you can go to Hawaii instead! My friends, and one of my friend’s family came along… so that was cool we all traveled in a group. :) FYI…. This happened in 2011 sooooo I might forget a few things- forgive me!


We flew Hawaiian Airlines from Phoenix- Honolulu about a 5.5hr flight. It was a pretty chill flight. I like how they have two seats by the window, three in the middle and then two seats by the opposite window.

Anywho- once we got there we headed to the hotel/timeshare thing my aunt let us use for our stay. It was nice and quaint. We were on the 25th floor, I don’t think I’ve ever been that high up before lol but it was awesome because when I went out on the balcony and looked right I could see the Pacific ocean… and we all know… I love OCEANS! We stayed there for a whole week, which it only felt like we stayed there for 3 days. That’s how fun and peaceful Hawaii is, ah take me back!

Anyway, I remember the first day we just walked around Honolulu, Waikiki beach, and this area I think it was the downtown area, not sure, but it’s this street with a whole bunch of shopping and street performers and artists everywhere so that was cool… at the time my ex-boyfriend was obsessed with art and literally, every night made me go with him down there to watch artists draw- fun. LOL.

I remember talking my friends into going hiking to visit this waterfall and still to this day they hate that experience lol but I loved it. I like nature lol … after the hike we saw where President Obama used to live with his grandmother so that was cool… Whattt up O-BAMMMA!

After that we went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. This place is gorgeous!!! I don’t know why they have people snorkel here becauseeee the water is so incredibly shallow that you might step on one of the little fishies! Fish were coming up to shore so, if you’re walking along the shore-make sure you don’t step on any! It was still fun to see though, I was the only one who had previously went snorkeling and had to teach everyone and convince them that they weren’t going to get eaten by a shark. After snorkeling we just laid out and took in the bright Hawaiian sun for a couple of hours before heading back to the timeshare/hotel lol. Denny’s happened to be attached to the Imperial (timeshare/hotel), so basically we ended up eating there every day for breakfast… but… this time we ate there for DINNER. After dinner, we go back up to the room and shower and literally sleep for 16 hours LOL no, I’m not kidding… we slept for at least 16 hours maybe longer… but let me tell you it was very well needed and enjoyed! LOL!

When I finally woke up, I went out with my friends to Senor Frogs (omg I never want to see this place ah-gain), I was sooo turnt up and drunk out of my mind at this place lol yayyy to the 4 yrs. at ASU! Lol Even going to a party school as ASU is, I never in my entire life was this intoxicated as the night at Senor Frogs. LOL Stay clear from that place people- stay clear! It’s full of military guys who have lots of money who won’t stop ordering you drinks so you just keep drinking them lol AHH too fun! Just so happens that the next afternoon we are supposed to go parasailing and I’M HUNG OVER, the first time in my life (lies- the second) LOL. Soooo just imagine how I felt riding on the boat to go parasailing. The instructor was not the best person in the world… I think he knew we were hung over and wanted us to barf everywhere (thank goodness that didn’t happen- but still), he decides he wants to dunk us like 3-5 times while parasailing (normally this would be so fun, but as a hung over person, I’m trying not to barf in the pacific lol) ahhhh now I can look back at that experience and just laugh!

Anyway, I believe the next day we went to the Polynesian cultural center. Which was located at the top of Oahu on the northeastern coast. This place was soooooo-freaking cool! OMG I loved it. You will literally get to experience how life is for the main Polynesian cultures (Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand). The Samoa stop was my favorite because the guy over it was sooo funny and he taught us how to open a coconut and also how to go up in the tree to get one! I literally learned sooo much from this place. There is a boat dancing parade, where you watch all the cultures come together and dance their cultural dances as the boat goes along the park… this was nice! Did you know that fast hip dancing is not a Hawaiian tradition but a Tahitian tradition?!?!?! Yeah, I didn’t know that either until I came here! This place is a must see if you going to Oahu! Oh and the luau after the park closes—tooo die for! The food- sooo delicious and the after dark show bring all the cultures together into one big event! Trust me you’ll love this place!

The last (but not least) place I remember visiting was Pearl Harbor. WOW. Is all I have to say. It’s a somber moment when you’re here but also educational. It definitely gave me a new appreciation for all of our armed forces. It’s free to tour this place so you must visit!

Honolulu is one of my favorite cities now and I can’t wait to go back. There was nothing I have to say badly about Hawaii. This place is truly paradise and I want to live here! I literally wanted to cry when that week was up. When I make it back to Hawaii I would like to visit Maui and see what’s that all about!


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