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Panama City, Panama - November 2015

I just want to start this blog off by saying… I have the best boyfriend of life! Love you big head Fred (aka Denny Allen) :)

SO- I went to Panama City, Panama y’all! All thanks to my boyfriend Denny, gifting the trip to me as a graduation present for receiving my Master of Science in GIS from the University of Washington! We went in November of 2015.

I came about wanting to go to Panama from just watching YouTube videos on the best places to go in the world. I stumbled upon Jubril Agoro (I think I spelled his name correct, if not, sorry dude) multiple videos on how much fun he had in Panama. Literally, I wanted to do everything but get my hair cut there lol because I’m a girl and I don’t get fades. Lol

So on November 1, 2015 we flew from Orlando, FL to Panama City, Panama via Copa Airlines and it took about 2hrs 35min. to get there… it was a very smooth flight, and we got the row to ourselves both ways! :) The food they served was meh, but who loves airline food though? All airlines have sucky food anyway. To my surprise Panama City is more built up than I imagined. The skyline as we rode into the city from the airport was amazing!

Speeding ahead lol so we get there and the first couple of nights we stayed at this hotel called Continental I believe it was cool. The first day we walked around old town Panama City and omg how gorg are the views! Just breathtaking I swear. There was this guy that was playing a little guitar singing DAY – O, DAYYYY – O, DAYLIGHT COME AND MI WAN GO HOME. He was killing it! I just had to tip him. :) The old town area was literally that an ”old town”, it reminded my boyfriend of a tomb raider video game lol but it was cool, full of culture and markets, etc. One thing I noticed is that Panamanian people don’t beg you to buy their stuff, which I love... I could just walk and look and not worry about people haggling me to buy their products. That day we also at the Diblicos restaurant that had authentic Panamanian food --- omg YUM YUM YUM! That place is a MUST! So good we went back another time in the week…

The next day we went to the Miraflores Locks (aka The Panama Canal). How it works is actually pretty amazing. They only let through like 20 boats a day probably less, I’m exaggerating… because the process is so slow like 6 hrs to get one ship through. Cray! Nonetheless, it was dope to see, you can’t go to Panama and NOT see that. They also have a museum attached to it- so check that out too because you do pay for it in your admission! After we visited the Miraflores Locks we went to Ancon Hill- were you hike and see the best views of Panama! MUST DO!!!! Lastly, later in the day, we snuck into the Hard Rock Megapolis pool and swam in their infiniti pool and hot tub :) GANGSTA! LOL. I think after that long day, we crashed at the hotel and slept for like 10 hours!!!! lol

The following day, Denny wanted to go to Taboga Island soooo bad- so we went, ugh, -_- I hated that beach, it’s so gross and dirty. Just ew. It’s so beautiful on the boat there, but once you're there, it’s so polluted and just yuckkkkkkk, take my advice and save your money and go to Pearl Islands which will be explained later. I think this day we transferred to another hotel … The Trump Ocean Club, outside of the political BS and retardedness going on with Donald Trump, that hotel was gorgeous and beyond luxurious and it had the most realistic infiniti pool ever!!! They do need to make it heater pool tho! That's all I'm going to state on that hotel lol.

My activity day came where I got to do what I wanted to do... which was go to MONKEY JUNGLE!!!!!!!! If you know me, you know I love exotic animals and this was so fun! So first off, we take uber (yes Panama has uber, I was just as shocked as you are reading this) to Gamboa Rainforest Resort (if you have the chance, stay here for like a day- it’s sweet). That is where we took the tour to Gatun Lake, which is where we saw the MONKEY’S!!!!! On the tour we actually got to ride in the Panama Canal- that was so cool. Anyway, so we get to the lake and the tour guide makes this monkey noise and the monkeys come out and one jumped on the boat, it was so cute! We visited two other sections of the lake to see two other types of monkeys and that was cool as well. I was in my glory on that tour lol.

I think on our very last full day, we went to Pearl Islands. It is about 1hr 30min on a ferry to get to the islands. Let me tell you, it is beauuuuuutiiiifulllll!!! First it has like 12 different beaches on the island you, YES- 12 DIFFERENT BEACHES!!!! Then you can ride golf carts amongst other things on the island. It’s just amazing, I had fun even though I was a tad sick that day, it still was a blast and so beautiful to experience.

My trip to Panama was A++++++++++++ and I would like to come back to visit Boca del toro islands. I really appreciate my boyfriend making this trip happen for me. Best graduation present ever!!!!! Furthermore, I highly suggest everyone visit Panama at least once in your life. I may have left a few things out seeing as we went like 4 months ago and my memory is sub par sometimes lol...whoops sorry for this late blog. Anyway, GO TO PANAMA and before you go visit my ‘Top 5’ page, to see my Top 5 things I loved to do there. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you want to replicate our trip and have iTravel2Getaway plan it for you!!!! Adios! :)

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