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Paris, France - February 2014

As part of the London trip... I decided to plan a luxury day trip tour through Premium Tours to Paris on my actual birthday! Yes, PARIS went to PARIS for her birthday (your not the only one who thought of that!). So, early morning on February 24th (hint: my birthday), we headed to St. Pancreas International Station to aboard the Eurostar for a 2hr 15min train ride to PARRRRRIISSSSSS!!!!

This was a guided tour - so once we got to Paris Gare du Nord, we boarded a coach bus and the lovely tour guide Charlotte had the driver take us through all over these parts of Paris (Red Light District (Where Moulin Rouge is), fashion district, and by the Arc De Troimphe), before arriving at the EIFFEL TOWERRRRRR! At the Eiffel Tower, we had lunch at 58 Eiffel. I was a little weary at first about the lunch because I never get a chance to eat fine dining that often lol to my surprise it actually turned out to be DELISH! I loved it! The tour guide had the servers bring me a special birthday treat and that was so amazing (and delicious)! This experience was sooooo AMAZING! The whole time I just kept thinking OH MY GOD I'm in the EIFFFEL TOWER eating LUNCH on my BIRTHDAYYYYY- Like who gets to do this?!?!?! MEEEE! I felt so blessed at that moment.

After lunch, we had some free time (1hr 30min) to do as much exploring as you could before meeting to board the river cruise. During this time- we didn't do much exploring LOL. We had a mini photo shoot of us and the Eiffel Tower, which was cool because we got some amazing pictures! After the mini-iPhone-pocket camera photo-shoot, we walked across the street to meet the group for the Siene River Cruise.

The cruise was awesomeeee we got to see the "love lock" bridge, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and just view the beautiful architecture Paris had to offer. I was AMAZED! After the river cruise we headed to the LOUVRE!!!!!

This museum was like sooooo huge and I think it would have literally taken 3 days to actually see everything it had to offer. However, my only intentions was to see the Mona Lisa LOL... I saw her that was so unreal as well. Like wow, I saw the original painting! In addition to seeing Mona, I saw tons of other beautiful paintings annnnd the Original Venus Di Milo sculpture. I saw this in many different movies and it was so cool to see in real life! In the Louvre we also got macaroons. I'm just so shocked at how huge that place is- like still to this day, I'm like wow that place was HUGE!

Sadly, after the Louvre that was the end of our day in Paris and it was time to head back to the train station to return to London. I am so happy that I got to spend my birthday in my city- ha-ha!!! This tour was just an introduction into Paris and I can say I will DEFINIETLY be back. I love it there and it was a different light then London.

I would love to go shopping in Paris and just get lost there and embrace the French culture. I think that would be interesting because I know NO FRENCH LOL. When I return I want to put a lock on the Loveeeeee Bridge, eat at a French cafe and people watch, have someone paint my portrait, and learn some French LOL. Oh- side note- the weather in Paris on February 24, 2014 (aka THE WINTER) was AMAZINGGGG it was like 65! Hellloooo loved it!

Paris- ya girl will be back in the near future, until then... Au revoir!

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