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Toronto, Canada - February 2016

Now this is a story all about howwwwww my life… ended up in TORONTO!!!!

(I bet you thought I was going to continue on with the Fresh Prince song, didn’t you???? ;-D ).

I visited Toronto, Ontario, Canada in February of 2016. The purpose of the trip was for Valentine’s Day, my birthday celebration, Denny’s birthday celebration, AND to participate in the NBA All-Star festivities! I know, the most reasons!

Anyway, we arrived on Saturday, February 13 at 9:40am via Air Canada -_-. Our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto was about 3 hours 9 minutes. I wouldn’t have much to complain about with Air Canada, IF they weren’t the cause we missed HALF of the NBA All-Star Practice; due to them taking over an hour to deliver our bags and we couldn’t leave the immigration area without our bags -_-. So we didn’t get to see the East side practice, so Denny missed his opportunity to see LeBron (awe) lol. I love the West side so I was good. I got to see Kobe, probably for the last time seeing as this was his last all-star game. We saw Steph Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, etc. practice. That was pretty cool. It was hosted at the Ricoh Coliseum. After the NBA Practice, we went to the D-League All-Star Game and their Dunk Contest, Skills Challenge, and 3 point shootout. That was cool too even though I didn’t know any of the players lol. That was also hosted at the Ricoh Coliseum.

After we left those two events, we went to check into our Airbnb condo. This was my very first experience using Airbnb and I was a little worried because you’re staying in someone else’s place. You know, you’re always scared of the unknown, I don’t care how much you like to try new things. Anyway, I’m 1000% happy that we decided to go with Airbnb! The owner of the condo Adrien King was so helpful and informative of anything we needed. His condo was brand new, clean, and modern. It was located in a newly developed condo facility too right in the Queen’s West district of Toronto. Lots of restaurants around here and it was close to like EVERYTHING! Parking is unground and fairly cheap $12/day. Nonetheless, I loveddddd the stay!!!! *If you want to get further information on his place for you to rent on your trip to Toronto, feel free to contact me.

We then went to Walmart to get groceries for Denny to *cook* a valentines dinner with my assistance… we’ll get back to this later. LOL. That night we dressed up and went to the CN Tower to have a nice elegant dinner at the 360 Revolving Restaurant. That place was 152ft up and it was delish!!!! We saw every inch of Downtown Toronto that night as our table slowly revolved around the window. Oh this day it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold! Like biting cold. -9 degrees Fahrenheit it was. YIKES! But it was fun shivering in the cold with my boo thang. Lol. We were supposed to go out to a club or something because all of these celebrities were throwing parties but we finished our meal at like 10pm and had the itis so we just went to sleep lol OLD!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day, was so cute. First off, I went to Starbucks and the convenience store to get some stuff and when I came back Denny had a velvet heart thing of chocolates and the picture we had took at the 360 restaurant out as a gift to me! Awe! Lol Then we went to lunch at this place called Marche which is a buffet place located on Yonge St. Downtown. The cool thing about this restaurant is that you only pay for what you want to eat – not- everything in the restaurant. So YAY! Cool concept!!!!! Also, the food is so good OMG ANDDDDDDDDDDD fresh! Nearly everything is made to order. YUM! Oh, inside of the restaurant Denny pointed out the guy next to us as a retired NBA player, and I was like omg what are you talking about he is so short, he is shorter than ME! LOL Denny goes “YEAH! He was the shortest player to ever play, his name is Muggsy Bouges.” LOL so we saw Muggsy Bouges, anddd some Instagram Tea Models with fake booties in there lol they weren’t with the Muggsy guy but they were also in the restaurant getting they eat on as well. After eating, we took pictures on Yonge St. and then headed to NIAGARA FALLS!!!!!!!!!!

Niagara Falls is about 1.5 hrs. away from Downtown Toronto, and it is well worth the drive let me tell you! That place is Amazing. How on earth do these things form?!?!?! Who knows! But they are good to look at lol isn’t Niagara Falls a natural wonder of the world??? It was beautiful to see, even in the winter! Please note if you do visit this place in February do bring hand warmers, and bundle TF UP!!!!!

Later Valentine ’s Day night, we attempted to make a meal. It failed. End of discussion lol so I ate cupcakes instead for dinner lol THANKS DENNY! Lol No, I legit ate cupcakes for dinner because the meal turned out like booty lol I kept saying that we shoulda ordered Chinese or Mediterranean take out. But nooooo Denny wanted this to be “romantic” home cooked meal lmao not! Ugh. LOL. Later that night we just watched the All-Star game and went to sleep.

Our last day, we found out it was Family Day which is a Canadian holiday in which people have big cookouts and spend time with their families. Lots of businesses were closed on this day, even some malls! In fact, we went to Yorkdale mall at first and it was clossedddddd! Luckily, the Toronto Eaton Centre was open and that’s a mall located on Yonge St. Downtown Toronto. It was cool; I liked it a lot actually. OH and this mall has one of thee biggest food courts I’ve ever seen with literally any type of food you seek from Mediterranean to Thai to Indian to ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF LOL. However, do to it being extremely packed in there, we left and went outside of the mall to eat at Walhburgers, which is actually Mark Walhberg & Family restaurant. I thought it was good, I just wish they had more options for turkey burgers (or at least let you pick the meat you want, then pick the type of burger you desire). Also, I ordered onion rings and they gave me onion straws -_- that was weird. Maybe onion rings in Canada is actually onion straws. EH! LOL. Then we went to the airport, and because it was All-Star weekend, it was complete chaos at the airport, it was giving me anxiety that we were going to miss our flight or something, whew or EH! lol... (Oh, we saw Rick Fox at the airport with his daughter in the immigration line with us) anyway, we boarded our flight and after an hour of sitting on the plane waiting for God knows what, Air Canada took off and 3 hours later we were in Fort Laud. WHEW!

Overall, even though it was so cold on the first day, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like Toronto and might become a resident there if my fellow Americans vote cough Trump cough into office lol. I’m sure I’ll be back to experience everything else the 6ix has to offer, maybe in the fall. If you would like to replicate parts of my trip to Toronto, let me know! I’m here to help! Let iTravel2Getaway plan your next Canadian Getaway!

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