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iTravel2... Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 2016

After we visited Brazil, we traveled south via American Airlines affiliate (TAM Airlines). The plane was okay. The flight from Rio to Buenos Aires (this means Good Air by the way) was about 3 hours. SOOOOOOOO you know how normally, in our hemisphere (North America) if you fly south, especially in June, it normally gets warmer. well. not in this case - it got COLDER. We left Brazil at about 75-80 degree highs per day, only to go to 30-40 degree highs and 15-20 degree lows at night in Buenos Aires. Luckily, I knew that in the Southern hemisphere the seasons are flipped, and I prepared to do as such.

Anyway, when we finally got to the city center it was magical. Like Paris but in South America. Very beautiful- cold- but beautiful. ah! I forgot the name of the hotel we stayed in, but it was nice except the neighbors wouldn't stop coughing up a lung all night and the hot water went out for an entire day - eh!

While in Argentina, we did a city tour (this was sooooooooooooo boring. I think I fell asleep during it a few times). Whoops! Just being honest. It was cool to take pictures of nice places and buildings but thats it. The guide was extremely hard to understand so I tuned her out lots of the time.

We also did a wine tasting activity in Argentina, because OMG Argentina people are ALLLLLLL about their WINE! Seriously, we had wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Literally when I got back to the USA, I was over wine for a good 3 months. My blood was filled with wine. wahhhhhh! That activity was fun though, I never did that before, let alone learn pairings to expand my palette (I had learned what that meant that day as well - it means taste buds to be frank.)

My favorite activity, which I thought would be my least favorite activity was acting the cooking class I took with Sal! He was beyond amazing, and catered to my dietary needs perfectly. He runs a cooking school out of his home in Buenos Aires and I made spinach empanadas and crackers and a corn quiche from scratch! It was so delicious!!!!! YUM!!!! So- if you ever go to Argentina and want to attend a cooking class contact me so that way I can connect you with the best cook in all of Argentina - SAL!

We went to see Tango... anddddd mmmmmmm I didn't really like it. It's too slow and boring for my taste. It legit reminded me of the ADDAMMS FAMILY. I wanted it to be over so quick. But, it went on for like TWO WHOLE HOURS OF MY LIFE. HAHAHA! The dinner however that went along with the show was yummy! So yay to that!

After Tango, we went to some bar to see some local celebrities play their instruments and sing, that was cool even though I didn't know a who they were. It was cool to experience life as a local.

What I will say about Argentina, at least for the Buenos Aires area is, there is hardly NO DIVERSITY whatsoever. They were so surprised to see two black girls traveling and spending money. They thought we were celebrities or something. IDK. It was a little weird. But, cool I guess. I had people staring at me, asking me to marry them, taking photographs without asking. YA. Crazyyyyy!!!

My overall experience in Argentina was just okay, Sorry. I am not pushing to go back there any time soon. It was cool to visit and check it off of my list though :).

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