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Coronavirus - The Bright Side

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

In almost every situation, there's a bright side. The Coronavirus hasn't been pleasant in a variety of ways, but it has pushed a lot of people towards better habits. There are still some people who don't quite get the memo, but there has obviously been a spike in cleanliness. Multiple forms of physical contact aren't seeing the light of day, a lot of us are disinfecting everything we can think of, gloves and protective masks are being worn all around the world and people are being more cautious all across the boards.

Some of the things that are being done in response to the virus are arguably things that some people think should've already been in effect without there being a virus. For example, buffets are starting to serve customers instead of letting the customers serve themselves. Being served your food at a buffet does take away from the experience, but it's undeniably more sanitary.

Have you ever seen someone slide their finger on the ice cream dispenser then lick it off their finger? Have you ever seen someone grab one of the utensils to scoop their food onto their plate, but their hands were dirty? Have you ever seen someone cut a piece of cake, leave the small piece of cake they cut then take the rest of the cake back to their table? That last one doesn't have much to do with being sanitary, but it's a true story! 🙃

Another good thing that has come out of the virus is family time. Many places of business are closed, schools are closed and there aren't a whole lot of places to go. . . so families are inevitably closer. This is the time to get to know your parents, siblings and kids. Play some board games, watch tv, dance, talk and cherish this piece of light in this darkness. This is also the time to upgrade your self-care. Take more time out of the day for yourself. Here are some things you can do :

  • Meditate

  • Catch up on sleep

  • Eat better

  • Exercise at home

  • Organize your house/room/phone/email/etc

  • THINK. A lot of us live our lives without time to actually think about what we've been through, what we're going through or where we're headed. Think about those things and give yourself a chance to soak it all in. Most of all, think about where you’d like to travel next! Having a new destination to look forward to is always ideal... just make sure you purchase travel insurance!!

The Not So Bright Side

Obviously it's not all good. Recently, a woman allegedly coughed on police officers during an investigation and basically told the officers that she gave them the virus. There have been countless amounts of cases of people selling essential items for prices that are through the roof. There have also been a lot of people who have been buying excess amounts of essential items. Some of the videos of this look pretty bad, but you never know the full story. Let's just hope some of those 15 cases of water stacked up in that tiny shopping cart are for other people who don't have enough water and that it's not all for a big game of Jenga (or maybe Dominoes) 😐.

There's bad with the good and good with the bad. Always look for the bright side in as many situations as possible. We will get through this pandemic. Things aren't great right now, but this situation could be a lot worse. Be thankful for where things are and do your part to help things get back to where they were and better. Be safe out there!

So, now that you have this information- take one huge WOO SAH!! Things will be better soon- and let us know where do you want to travel next?

We can work with you to make your spring plans to Disney now be possibly over the holidays (its much nicer then anyway)... or try making the FALL THE NEW SUMMER!!! Take that nice vacation you had planned in your head for the summer and let us help you make that a reality for the fall!

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