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Our Top 10 Road Trip Snacks

It's rare that a road trip isn't fun or at least a good change of pace. A road trip itself is great, but it would be NOTHING without the snacks along the way. Well. . . singing songs, sleeping, family time, sightseeing and all that other stuff is good too, but the snacks are where it's at. With that being said, take a look at our top 10 road trip snacks.

Grandma's Cookies

These cookies are some of the best cookies ever. Who's Grandmother is making these cookies? If you know, let us know so we can place a custom order.

Mini Donuts

Does anyone ever get the bag instead when on a road trip? It seems like the bag is for the house, but the packs are for road trips or a quick snack. Is that just us?


Twizzlers are one of those snacks that last long. It seems like they do. Maybe we're just brainwashed into thinking they last long 🤔. Have you ever bit each end and used one as a straw?

Beef Jerky

It can be a lot of work to chew and leave your mouth feeling weak, but it's good 😂.

Sour Worms

Imagine eating beef jerky then following it up with sour worms 🙃. That would be a disaster. Sour worms followed up by some juice (or even water) is otherworldly by the way.


The price for a box of pop-tarts at the gas station is crazy, so it's nice to be able to get single packs. Getting a box of 4 or 8 packs at the grocery store is really where it's at.

Trail Mix

It seems like trail mix just disappears so quickly no matter how big the bag is.


We couldn't pick 1 type of chips. . . so here's 9 😂. When in doubt, chips save the day.

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

If you've never had peanut butter filled pretzels, you're really missing out. You might not think you'll eat the whole container or bag of them, but you probably will.


This list might not be credible if slurpees weren't on it. This is one of the most refreshing things you'll ever drink. . . especially if it's hot outside and you haven't had much to drink yet.

This list is very interchangeable, but is there anything you disagree with? Let us know your Top 10 Road Trip Snacks on our Social Media Posts of this that are going up shortly. (Instagram & Facebook).

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