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"We are currently returning home. We are in love with the hotel you selected for us in Vegas! Everything went good and we are actually planning another trip."

Chiquita B

Oklahoma City, OK

"I'm booking all of my trips through you! You're literally a blessing!"

Salmana B

Baltimore, MD

"I have an AWESOME travel agent.

She is a gem! Her base is Florida- however great with finding reasonable rates"

Pia C

Miramar, FL

"The experience was beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful services!"

Tralese C

Plymouth, WI

"I wanted to visit two countries (Greece & Morocco) and three cities in an 11 day vacation. We boarded a total of eight flights, checked into three hotels, and numerous tours all without one single hiccup! Thank you Itravel2Getaway for an incredible, life changing experience with zero issues from start to finish, all on an amazing budget!! I don't know how you did it, but you did! "

Roicia B

Phoenix, AZ

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